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Our metal wall letters are CNC routed from a computer file to make precise letters. 

  • Precisely cut with straight lines and consistent arcs.
  • Exactly as shown in our production drawings.
  • Has a durable and attractive finish.

Letters can be mounted with studs (metal posts that are inserted into the wall for support), silicone pads (for a slight standoff), flush-mounted with silicone or using double-stick tape (for indoor locations only). We can cut letters as thin as 1/8" thick and as thick as 1" if cut from flat stock. For thicker letters, take a look at our fabricated aluminum letters.

Fabricated Metal Letters

If your letters need to be thicker than a routed metal letter (thicker than 1") then fabricated aluminum letters are the ones for you!  A fabricated aluminum letter has a routed letter "face" with metal sides that are welded together to create a thicker letter.

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